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About me

I am a multi-award-winning journalist and editor — usually writing, sometimes TV — focusing on feature and multimedia reporting. Now freelance, my beats include the science of parenting, child development, history and archaeology.


I spent eight years on the BBC's international features team. In that time, I was a senior journalist; editor of BBC Future (, our multi-award-winning website devoted to in-depth, evidence-based features; and managing editor of the features teams, managing a team of 20+ editorial and production staff.


I have reported, written and presented long-form online features and television documentaries from as far afield as Tajikistan and China. These included a half-hour documentary on Maya ruins called Guatemala's Lost World, which won gold and silver in two different categories of the Lowell Thomas SATW awards, and a long-form story on Miami's fight against sea level rise, which won the 2019 Journalist Award from the European Meteorological Society. I am frequently interviewed as an expert in history documentaries on Ancient Rome, including for Netflix and the History Channel.


Closer to home, my parenting stories, such as my series on baby sleep, have been some of the most popular on the BBC feature sites.

A graduate of Yale (B.A., history) and Cambridge (M.Phil, international relations), I previously worked as a political reporter in Washington, D.C. Having lived in the US, Italy, and the UK, I now reside in Switzerland with my husband and daughter.

And finally: my last name is pronounced "Roo-jerry" (the Italian way!).

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