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About me

I am a multi-award-winning journalist and editor — usually writing, sometimes TV — focusing on feature and multimedia reporting. Now freelance, my beats include the science of parenting, child development, history and archaeology.


I spent eight years on the BBC's international features team. In that time, I was editor of BBC Future (, our multi-award-winning website devoted to in-depth, evidence-based features; managing editor of the features teams, managing a team of 20+ editorial and production staff; and a senior journalist.

My parenting stories, such as my series on baby sleep, have been some of the most popular on the BBC feature sites.


Further afield, I have reported, written and presented long-form online features and television documentaries from as far afield as Tajikistan and China. These included a half-hour documentary on Maya ruins called Guatemala's Lost World, which won silver in the 2021 Lowell Thomas SATW awards; a written feature on Guatemala's ruins which won gold in the same awards;  and a long-form story on Miami's fight against sea level rise, which won the 2019 Journalist Award from the European Meteorological Society. I am frequently interviewed as an expert in history documentaries on Ancient Rome, including for Netflix and the History Channel.

A graduate of Yale (B.A., history) and Cambridge (M.Phil, international relations), I previously worked as a political reporter in Washington, D.C. Having lived in the US, Italy, and the UK, I now reside in Switzerland with my husband and daughter.

And finally: my last name is pronounced "Roo-jerry" (the Italian way!).

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