Most recently, I presented for two upcoming episodes of the BBC Travel Show, which is the flagship travel program on BBC World News television, from Macedonia. I also was the host, scriptwriter, researcher and fixer for the BBC Travel documentary Dissolving History: Can Rome's ancient heritage be saved?. I served as a host and "storyteller" for the 1.5-hour documentary "Caligula: 1400 Days of Terror," which airs regularly on the History Channel in the United States, Australia, and Europe; you can also watch it online here.


I hosted a video on "insider's Rome" for the MSN U.K. website. I also host (and edit) videos for my website, Revealed Rome, available on my YouTube channel.


I've been interviewed on the radio for various stories, including by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for a story on Italy's cultural heritage and on the Pauline Frommer travel show for my story on anti-Mafia establishments in Rome. I'm also a regular contributor to the How to Tour Italy radio program, chatting about everything from underground sights to public transport in Rome.





Television and radio